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We first covered Brighton producer AOTOA in a recent EP Address column, where we lauded his debut Great Ideas EP by waxing lyrical about “his ability to make beats so fresh they sound like they’ve been washed and whirled through a salad spinner.”

AOTOA’s crisp, deftly produced output is a healthy treat for the ears, so we’re extremely chuffed to host the exclusive premiere of ‘Rise’, the lead track from his new EP of the same name. A sumptuous six-minute exhibition of his two-step-influenced sound, the ominous bass of the intro soon gives way to dreamy vocal samples and a classic UK garage keyboard motif, while the beat is as snappily diced as you’d expect. Have a listen – it should have an impact on your stereo every bit as impressive as the comet on the cover…

You can download ‘Rise’ and its accompanying tracks via Jalapeno Records here.

Kier Wiater Carnihan

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