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Do you like sultry French garage pop? Do you like independent British noir cinema? Well then you’re in luck, because sultry French garage pop duo The Limiñanas are set to provide the soundtrack to The World We Knew, an independent British noir featuring gangsters, ghosts and a host of freshly dug graves…

Even better, you have a chance to own a piece of it. To help raise money for the film, which is set to start shooting imminently, The Limiñanas will be pressing an exclusive track from the soundtrack onto ten individually numbered, lathe cut 7″ singles. Not only are these obviously incredibly limited, but the music contained will never be released anywhere else, ever. (Plus you get a thank you in the credits.)


As well as having a collectors item on your hands, you’ll also be helping to fund the first feature-length production by independent filmmakers Powis Square Pictures. Having previously worked on shorts with luminaries ranging from cult film actress Alice Lowe to Clash guitarist Mick Jones, the PWP crew have scraped together every penny they can muster for this low-budget, high-impact piece of cinema. Described as “Harold Pinter meets Paranormal Activity, Samuel Beckett meets The Evil Dead, Henry James meets The Long Good Friday“, The World We Knew follows the aftermath of a simple job gone wrong, where a supposed safe house becomes a tinderbox of guilt, violence and supernatural activity…

If you’re interested in supporting independent film and owning a bit of musical/cinematic history, you can pick up The Limiñanas’ limited 7″ via the indiegogo page for The World We Knew. Other goodies on offer include some stylish poster, print and t-shirt designs (see above and below), a gruesome selection of props and best of all, an actual bottled ghost, captured at the film’s 12th Century manor house location (“We cannot be held responsible for your own house being haunted if you open the bottle”).


You can follow the production of The World We Knew on Twitter and Instagram, and on this dedicated blog. And if you’re going to be in France over the next six weeks, you can also catch The Limiñanas on their current tour, dates below.

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