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Delightfully melodic Brightonian post-hardcore trio Broker recently released their fiercely excellent second album ‘Quixota’, the follow up to 2014’s coruscating debut ‘Argument / Counter Argument‘. To celebrate they went and made a video for the song Talk.

The band are now ready to unveil the bizarre, Wild Stag Studio created follow up for the track The Grass is Always Greener in Kreuzberg and we at The Monitors are more than happy to poke this peculiar slice of weirdness into your eye holes.

Watch the video and I think you’ll agree it’s a slab of pure ferocious goodness. Lyrically the song explores the pompousness and superficiality of the hip modern age or as the the band themselves say:
‘The song is named after trendy hipsters moving to Berlin, but really it’s about the hypocrisy one often finds in that whole culture of super liberal, middle class creatives. The kind who think that drinking craft beer is a political act. I don’t want to sound like we’re knocking everything that comes along with that culture: we love Berlin, we love vegan food and we love the rise of ideas that fly in the face of homogenous big business bullshit, but identifying with these ideas doesn’t make you special or entitled to anything. Really the song is just trying to say that if you’re an irresponsible, unrealistic idiot then maybe this is why you don’t feel fulfilled in life; not a lack of immediately available employment opportunities in the liberal arts sector. Move wherever you like, chances are your problems will follow.’

If, like me, you’ve ever had a nightmare about wearing your face as a hat (that’s common right?!) then this video will terrify you. It’s certainly a strange image and apparently an idea that came to the band via innocuous beginnings:
“The concept behind this video came about from nothing more complicated than finding out there is a company who print photos of your own face onto balaclavas. We just assumed it would look really cool and/or horrible and we were right.  There is a touch of serendipity to it all though as the song is very much about reality vs imagination. I suppose wearing a mask of your own face could be seen as a metaphor.’

Watch the video above and do yourself a favour and check out ‘Quixota’, it’s an absolute beast of a record. You can buy some lovely Broker Bundles direct from the smashing label Smalltown America (also home to the outrageously good USA Nails and Blacklisters) or you can grab the album here.

Luke O’Dwyer

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