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Those familiar with Reddit will know that it brands itself as ‘the front page of the internet’ – through a process of up-voting and down-voting user submitted content, the most popular content is propelled to the top of the pile. The website includes a music section where this process is applied to music (all the tunes on the service are independent and submitted by Reddit users).

This has now been adapted for your phone, where you control the streams by ‘upvoting’ or ‘downvoting’ depending on your personal tastes. This gives you access to a wealth of independent music, and provides an easy and enjoyable way to search through it wherever you are. Download it here.

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Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon
We've covered Dan Deacon's app before, explaining how it not only provides you with a digital instrument but also flashes in time with the music at his shows to turn the audience into a light show. We revisit it now because Dan's added a new feature: the ability to create your own light shows. By following this link you can design your own visuals, which will then be used on his forthcoming tour. Dan Deacon has always preached interaction and inclusion in terms of performance, and this is just another, innovative level to that...
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