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Josep Xortó – I Remember


Josep Xortó, lead singer in Barcelona electro-pop outfit Stand Up Against Heart Crime , unleashes a winning solo release that sounds like something that could have come out on Mute Records at its peak, and gets a perfectly retro visual accompaniment from director Slurp Beta Tutor to match (the lyric-matching design at the beginning is particularly well crafted).

As the video progresses Xortó finds himself against backed by a montage of found footage, with everything from old whiskey adverts to obsolete electronic equipment flashing up, before the whole thing goes full Sci-Fi at the end. “Everyone has been in a band, so there it is, a song about being in a band,” is how the man himself puts it, but this is more like being shot into space than sitting around in a smoky practice room.

Xorto will be spinning some tunes at Catch, 22 Kingsland Road this Saturday night (24th August) as part of their Ceremony night. We recommend taking a trip down there…

– I remember – Josep Xortó. from slurpTV on Vimeo.

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