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London is one of the entertainment capitals of the world, so why do you still end up twiddling your thumbs with a couple of mates at 9pm on a Friday night without a clue what to do? Two reasons really – it’s impossible to keep track of everything, and all the best events are sold out already.

London-focused entertainment app YPlan aims to solve both dilemmas. It compiles all the best things to do on that night, so you can just flick through until you hit something that doesn’t sound too dreadful. Plus, their AppStore page indicates they even manage to secure tickets to things that no one else has any tickets left for. It’ll take a bit of using to see how frequently that occurs, but with a ludicrously easy booking system you’ll certainly have no more excuses for missing out – even if booking with two taps sounds a bit dangerous if you’re something of a spendthrift/have clumsy fingers. They need to sort out an Android version before we really get excited though…

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