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Somerset foursome Unruly milk mop up the dread-sweat ‘Spilaggges’ of a coming winter and filter them through a dark teat of ominous patchwork psych-folk, squirting the residue directly into your ears.

Made up of Joe Thompson (who also does the bass with the incredible Hey Colossus and Henry Blacker), Kek-W (of car-boot electronic trio Hacker Farm), Elisa Thompson and Stef Giaccone. ‘Spilaggges’ is 12 tracks of short nocturnal lo-fi horror and is a perfect blast of Halloween soaked fear which I highly recommend to accompany any nocturnal pumpkin lit walks you may partake in during these cold pre-winter moments.

Tracks like the jittery Black Pamplets and The Journey To The End Of The Night will make you feel like you’re chilling out for an evening in the cabin from Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 2’.

Elsewhere the sweet moonlight captured folk of Amabassadeurs and the glacial shimmer of The Woods Near Albi sound like being trapped inside a fucked-clock as the hands of life slowly tick time away.

It seems there’s something wonderful lurking in the brisk Somerset air. Check out for more Somerset goings on. As Joe Thompson himself puts it: ‘This Unruly Milk album is 12 tunes, not too long, and is us playing music with friends. It is what it is. Fuck knows.’

I really couldn’t put it any better myself.

‘Spilaggges’ is available in a limited run of 100 CDs from Blackcat Records. Go and sup it up it’s creepy goodness from here:

Luke O’Dwyer

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