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American Psycho: The Musical


Bret Easton Ellis has taken time out from acting like a berk on Twitter to help pen a musical based on his infamous novel American Psycho, alongside Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Duncan Sheik and director Rupert Goold.

The venture is being funded via Kickstarter, where your donation can also snag you signed copies of the book and special business-card shaped USB sticks, pre-loaded with music from the show. You imagine it might struggle to compete with Mary Harron’s fantastic film adaptation but it’ll probably be worth seeing just to find out if it can out-grotesque the Book of Mormon’s songs about female genital mutilation. However, seeing as Easton questions himself in the promotional video above, asking “why am I trusting these people with my work?”, maybe we shouldn’t hold out too much hope. Still, those business cards look pretty sweet…

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