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Off The Leash


Off The Leash game

This app fulfils all the criteria for a successful smartphone game: simple, cute, fun and challenging. The premise is that dogs have been banned by an evil chief of police has banned dogs (why? who cares!) and you have to outrun, while saving as many other hounds as possible. For such a colourful game it’s actually quite tricky, but its most impressive achievement is being a motion-sensitive game that isn’t just really annoying. Woof!

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Hum This!

Hum This!
Move over Draw Something - Hum This! is about to steal your thunder. Running along a very similar idea, you're given a song, then have ten seconds to whistle, hum or burp your finest version of it. The recording is then sent to a friend or another random player, who has to guess what it is. Hard to see how it won't take off, and best of all if you buy the paid version then you'll be donating money to War Child and Nordoff Robbins too...
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