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***** Let’s face it, considering the unprecedented processing power of smartphones these days, most of them still look pretty boring – the same old tired screens full of little coloured squares, each one representing an app that you downloaded months ago and never used. No wonder there are all these mobile patent trials going on – they all look the bloody same. UNTIL NOW. Foneclay is an app that can completely change your phone’s themes, in some really quite imaginative and immersive ways – take a look at the video to see a few of them in action. Of course, changing the way you navigate your phone completely may get a bit confusing, and some of the themes aren’t up to much, but if you want a phone that truly looks individual then you should be able to find something to please you here. At least until everyone downloads this app and rinses it that is, then we’re back to square one…

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Dan Deacon App

Dan Deacon App
Dan Deacon App Now THIS is pretty cool. As if Dan Deacon shows weren't already fun enough, this app changes your phone into a colour bar/strobe light, so that all the smartphones using the app in the audience become part of a synchronised light show. It apparently doesn't even need wifi or mobile internet, AND comes with a free musical instrument. It'll be interesting to see how Deacon uses this app live, as his shows are usually about direct human interaction - will the app interfere with or encourage that? Either way, we're excited to find out...
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