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Peaking Lights – Lucifer

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Aaron Doyes and Indra Dunis return with this, their third LP. Taking a kind of minimal world music vibe, moving through various dub and kraut influences, ‘Lucifer’ deffinitely does a lot. But not always at once. As expected with an album built up mainly of seven minute tracks the songs move through various ‘moments’; flickerings of piano improvisations over looping bass and drum machines, percussive dub elements hinting at a dance side.

The whispy vocals fade into the mix a little too heavily to warrant them being there most of the time. It does at times sound a little too much like a car advert, and doesn’t do too much to get into your face. A slow burner for sure. One for stoners.

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Four years after forming, and a European tour of opera The Brilliant And The Dark later, comes 'From The Mouth of the Cave'. It's no surprise that Gaggle's debut has taken so long to come around. Managing four members is usually enough, let alone twenty one. With touches of the likes of Gang Gang Dance and Tune-Yards throughout, the tribalist element keeps them engaging if the songs themselves aren't always ace. The main issue here is that you can't actually tell it's twenty one voices. Whether that's because of the production technique or due to the age of the condensed MP3 sound the breadth of the choir isn't captured. Decent record, with a couple of fillers. But go see them live if you want to capture what Gaggle are really about.
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