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Our guest editor this week is Patrick Swift, whose passion for all things music have led him to write for well-known outlets such as Mixmag, Trap Magazine, Wordplay Magazine, Drunken Werewolf and The Tipping Point amongst others…

Millionhands is a boutique music merchandising company that has been on the go for about five years now as an online outfit, but the brand is now on course for world domination and has just recently opened up a lovely little pop-up store down at Shoreditch’s Boxpark. Mind you, the term ‘pop-up’ is being stretched to its limits here, as Millionhands will have a store at Boxpark for many months to come.

Just to put the brand into perspective, if there’s a seminal dance music label out there, Millionhands has probably done some kind of collaboration with them. R&S Records? Yep. Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound? Check? Let’s Play House? You got it.

If the brand hasn’t collaborated with a certain label that you can think of, you can rest assured that there are probably plans in motion to hook something up because that’s just how these guys roll.

Each product that is lovingly made by Millionhands is always a limited run giving it that exclusive feel, and all garments are sourced responsibly and incorporate organic and recycled fabrics, which is always nice to know. The brand specialises in tees, sweatshirts and some very tasty varsity jackets that you should definitely check out.

So, if you’re ever in the area make sure you pop down and say hello to the guys. If you’re not London based don’t worry, visit the Millionhands website and see what the fuss is all about.

Also, Millionhands has its own record label and releases music through that, so keep tabs on that side of the company too (here’s their Soundcloud). The hands in the logo mean ‘M’ and ‘H’ in American sign language, and you’ll find it on lots of the brand’s apparel too.

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