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Introducing the Musical Business Card

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While it might be a bit of a palaver (not to mention expensive) handing them out at industry dos, you’ve got to admit these music box ‘business cards’ are pretty lovely.

They were designed by Katharina Hölzl for the composer Richard Eigner, whose live shows see the audience playing music boxes of their own. A strip of paper spelling out contact information produces music when threaded through the box, and means you’re never likely to forget who gave it to you…

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Everton Forced to Abandon Crest Change

Everton Forced to Abandon Crest Change
One of the hardest briefs a designer is ever likely to get is the rebranding of a football club's crest. Supporters feel particularly attached to traditional visual elements of their team's identity, and rare is the new version of a club's crest which meets the satisfaction of those in the stands.
Even rarer, however, is the instance when the redesign attracts such ire that it has to be abandoned, but that's what happened this week when Everton F.C. launched their new crest. Though they claimed it had been developed in consultation with fans, judging by many fans' responses very few of them felt they had been consulted. The removal of the club's Latin motto and the general simplification of the design (similar to that undergone at Arsenal a few years ago, who also had a crest that was quite tricky for manufacturers to reproduce) were the main problems supporters had, and a petition attracted so many signatures that Everton were forced to publish an apology on their website.
Yet is the crest really that bad? Creative Review took a look at it against the history of the crest's design, and concluded that the petition was 'bad news for design'. However, the extended comments thread beneath indicates that interest in design remains high...
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EP Address: Datassette, Sudan Archives, Mighty Lord Deathman and more…

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