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When: March 19, 2016

Here’s a measure of how perverse I am. Westhill Community Hall, tonight’s venue, is situated at the end of the street that until recently I’d lived on for 16 years, yet I’d never been to a gig there. Now I find myself cycling like a lunatic three miles uphill from where I currently live at 9.20pm after a cancelled dinner date frees me up to come see Cowtown play. Furthermore I was reminded that they were playing tonight after the arrival by post today of their latest 7” single. Beautiful synchronicities.

I arrive at the venue to catch the last few songs by Lower Slaughter (not too bad) and have enough time to chip along to the local offie to stock up and then head back to reserve my comfortable seat right at the very edge of the playing area (there is no stage tonight).

Cowtown are a great band. Here’s why:

* Cowtown is a ridiculous name, yet it fits and fits well.

* Cowtown sound like a rockabilly take on post-punk.

* Deerhoof always choose Cowtown to support them when they’re in the UK – quite an accolade.

* When Cowtown supported Deerhoof in Brighton last year not only did they hold their own (no mean feat) they were actually louder than the main act. Now high volume is neither big nor clever (remember to put your earplugs in) but if you like feeling sound (I do) this is the only way to achieve it. Crank it suckers!

* Despite playing through what is essentially a rehearsal room set-up tonight – vocal PA, dry drums, amps and cabs – Cowtown still sound clear and huge.

* Cowtown exude warmth and bonhomie. Rapport is instant, these guys are fun and funny. I feel happy happy!

* Cowtown rock. I’m up out of my comfy ringside chair pretty damn quick, nodding my head and grooving like a fool.

* Cowtown are a chap singing and guitaring, a chap drumming (hard) and a lady supplying big bass with a very little keyboard going into a massive cab. Tidy line up, large sound.

* Songs clock in at under three minutes and then some. There is simply no opportunity to get bored. This is a thrill ride. I want more.

* Despite destroying an amp earlier and asking the audience to point out if the borrowed amp goes up in flames, miraculously it does not burn.

* The set is short as the venue curfew is strictly 10.30pm (residential area) but I’m left with that delicious feeling of being sated and still wanting more. I’ll just have to come see them again.

* The guitarist/singer also plays drums in Hookworms who will be playing at this venue in May. Too much talent you bastard!

Go see Cowtown play and buy their music, they have a choice 7” out now on Too Pure. Report ends.

Jake Smith

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