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Moon Hooch are a band smashing all concepts of contemporary dance music. The Brooklyn based trio describe their sound as Cave Music, a more organic, raw, primitive version of House, replacing electronics common to today’s dancefloor for acoustic instruments. Unafraid of the avant garde, they use unconventional techniques to create other-worldly sounds. Yep, we’re talking traffic cones and all sorts – it has to be seen to be believed!

Their honking sax lines brought Kingsland Road to a standstill this summer, busking their way around London, playing to foot-stomping crowds in their hundreds from the back of their van. Said Moon Hooch van features in the video for single, Milk and Waffles, rolling about town causing havoc. The world can’t help but tap their toes (or in the video’s case wave their arms manically in the air) to the infectious dance rhythms of Moon Hooch. After hearing a load of this lot (as we did when we saw their ace one hour Brixton Windmill set the other week) you’ll feel like you’ve necked a bottle of moonshine.

Eat Your Veggies EP is out 13th October via Megaforce Records

Lauren Wilson

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