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Pizzabox Jury Ep. 1 – with The Last Skeptik

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An incredible THREE people have recently told us they miss our podcasts, so we’re back with a brand new format. Every week we’re going to order pizza in and have a round table discussion about our favourite new tracks (what do you mean talking with your mouth full is rude?) before choosing a winner. We’ll also rate the pizza – this week’s is from a little-known local parlour called Pizza Express. Their boxes also make effective masks, in case you want to do a crime after eating:

Pizzabox Jury The Last Skeptik

Joining regulars Dan, Lauren, Kier and Nick is our very special guest, hip-hop producer extraordinaire The Last Skeptik, who looks remarkably young for his stated 58 years. Perhaps his youthful appearance is enhanced by the fact he’s celebrating the release of the 12th and final video from his ‘Thanks for Trying’ album this week. You can view the twisted final clip for ‘Hero Mask’ below. It also briefly features several Monitors contributors as… oh. Murder victims. And after we gave him all that pizza too. That’s gratitude for you…

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