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No One Wants to Play With Kanye

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Kanye West might have an ego the size of PSY’s thorax (big enough to title his new album ‘Yeezus’ anyway), but it must have taken at least a little bruising after a couple of high profile snubs recently. Last week Tricky talked about how he’d once blanked Kanye, hilariously revealing: “I’ve been next to Kanye West – I stood next to him in a club and I looked at him and he looked at me and he thought I was going to talk to him. That’s never going to happen”.

Now it transpires that Tyler, The Creator turned down the offer of a Yeezy verse on his recent “Wolf” album, although the Odd Future man did admit that he talks to Kanye “almost everyday it seems like” (is it just us that detects a hint of “man, when will this guy stop calling?!” within that phrasing?).

Kanye West is also suffering from another common theme at the moment – fake tracklistings. Leaked song titles sent to Beats Per Minute were apparently misleading (although someone has worked out that “Yeezus” will contain fourteen tracks), and an album back cover supposedly posted by Drake’s Dad on Instagram and then deleted has also been called out by producer Boi-1da. According to the fakes, James Blake and Frank Ocean are set to appear on both albums, which seems unlikely if not impossible. The bigger question is – who has the time to mock up a fake album back cover?

(n.b. picture courtesy of someone awesome who we couldn’t find).

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