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Group Rhoda @ The Victoria


When: May 02, 2013

We’ve been looking forward to seeing Group Rhoda live ever since we first featured her last September, shortly after the release of her fantastic debut album ‘Virtual Dancer’. Apparently the reason the synth-toting San Franciscan’s taken so long to visit these shores is because she was “waiting for the weather to become nice”, so it seems we have her to thank for finally bringing an end to an almost interminable winter.

Still, while the mercury may be rising in the thermometers, her music, reminiscent of artists like Martin Rev and Maria Minerva, is still icy enough to give you a chill. A recent tour with The Soft Moon, a band who ride a similarly cold wave, has no doubt honed her live performance, while support comes from improvisational five-piece Liberez and a debut performance by DNBL, whose work on Soundcloud sounds extremely promising; give or take the track that consists purely of a slowed-down sample of Jamie Redknapp admonishing Luis Suarez for recently nibbling Branislav Ivanovic…

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