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Odonis Odonis – Better


“Hollandaze”, the debut album from Toronto’s Odonis Odonis, was one of 2011’s most underrated records, an irresistibly abrasive mix of punk, surf rock and shoegaze dressed entirely in black (if you didn’t count the odd flecks of blood).

It’s rather good, then, to have them back with an even noisier follow-up EP, ‘Better’ (which you can hear below). It’ll take a few listens to work out whether it actually is better than their previous release, but this video for the title track certainly suggests it might be.

In keeping with their generally macabre outlook, it features you, the viewer, as the soon-to-be-sacrificed prisoner of some sort of masked cult. While the masks are more hilarious than terrifying, the overall atmosphere of dread is heightened by the screams that close a menacing yet groovy track which exhibits increased electronic elements of their sound (is that a hint of ‘Got Glint?’ by the Chemical Brothers we hear?). Welcome back you evil bastards.

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