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The Strokes Single Preview.

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The new single, ‘All The Time’, will be released on the 19th of February but you can get a sneak peak above. We were lucky enough to get a preview of the full album last week, the following are our immediate reactions (originally on Twitter):

“Oh god, @ImBurman has just stuck the new Strokes album on. Brace yourselves boys, we’re going in…”
“The first track is somewhere between Michael Jackson and Buggles. Not as bad as being between Michael Jackson and Bubbles I suppose, but bad enough.”
“The chorus of track 4 is remarkably similar to Technotronic’s ‘Get Up! (Before the Night is Over)’. This is very weird.”
“Track 5 – the mellowest thing they’ve ever done. Track 6 – the punkiest thing they’ve ever done. Both are pretty good actually.”
“Back to the Strokes new album, and after a brief blip of decency in the middle, it’s back into the musical sewer.”
“New Strokes LP finishes with a chilled lounge jazz number. Casablancas sings like a muted trumpet. What a ride. What a harrowing ride.”

Some other reactions:
“It sounds like someone trying to be the Strokes”
“It sounds like Duran Duran trying to be the Strokes”
“It sounds like someone having a stroke.”

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