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Some people’s voices are so magnificent that they could read out twenty-seven varieties of pierogi from a Polish milk bar menu, in Polish, and it’d sound amazing. Having a voice like William Shatner’s basically means you have a golden larynx, and unsurprisingly he’s followed the lead of Brian Blessed and Matt Berry in turning his distinctive delivery into a money-spinning app.

With Shatoetry, the Star Trek star invites you to compose poetic verse using samples of him saying a selection of words. While it can be a bit fiddly to begin with, and could do with a larger range, the fact is that even making him just repeat the word ‘fear’ again and again proves oddly satisfying…

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Mobento app TED Yale An app that's a knowledge-booster rather than a brain drain is always worth checking out, and Mobento has the potential to turn you into a walking, talking Stephen Hawking. It aggregates videos from such learned sources as Stanford, Yale, TED and NASA, and allows you to both stream and download them for later viewing (not sure how (or even if) they managed to get permission for that, mind). The search function even shows you at exactly what point in a video the words you're looking for appear, which is pretty nifty. Time-saving brain waves ahoy!
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