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A column compiling club-friendly sounds that still make sense in your living room, featuring DJ Earl, Sky H1 and Endgame… (OK, it’s a bit late this month, we’ve been on holiday alright?)

Lets start with this mix of raw energy from DJ Earl. Always reliable to provide a few curveballs alongside the classic footwork sound, and in this case some very experimental jazz edits alongside tracks by Traxman and DJ Rashad. The Teklife crew always make sure you have fun, and, how could you not with a really weird ‘I Feel Love’ footwork edit.

South London’s Her Records have been at the forefront of pushing new club sounds in the UK for a few years, and with many just catching up, they are pushing ahead some more with the 4th edition of their label compilation. As well as the usual Her associates and founders, MM and Sudamin, there is a contribution from Staycore’s Dinamarca which is either the best or worst track on here. Everything on Volume 4 is pretty uncategorisable, which is good as there is still plenty of scope for making up stupid micro-genre names as you listen.

London Producer Jam City dropped a surprise mixtape featuring nine tracks of his own particular blend of harsh romance. The mixtape is in sharp contrast to last year’s Dream A Garden album, with this release being more club focused; lots of very different clubs, while still containing some of the vocals that marked his previous album proper from the work that came before it. You can listen to it and download it for free.

Ruptured Pulse is the debut EP release from Sydney producer Jikuroux. Its shiny surface, fluttering and tense fit-like percussion make for a compelling listen. It comes out on Decisions – a label releasing the music of and run by Air Max ’97. It’s only 3 tracks long but there should be plenty more to come.

Here is a fine mix by Brussels-based SKY H1, whose Motion EP (released on Visionist’s Pan sub-label Codes earlier this summer) is one of my highlights of the year so far. This mix, for Rinse FM, follows some similar themes to that EP – plenty of big synth lines that are almost trance and stuttering half-paced grime percussion. Beautiful and melancholic, perfect for cold day listening.

Finally, here is the official video for Endgame’s ‘Felony Riddim’ from the excellent Flesh EP on Hyperdub. As the music suggests, the video is all low-lit shadows, darkness, and retro-futuristic computer effects. The vocal on this comes from Organ Tapes. This works better if you just watch it rather than read about it.

Jamie Miller

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