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This week Sound Diplomacy will be taking over the site to impart some musical wisdom. They’re a multi-lingual export, research and event production consultancy based in London, Barcelona and Berlin. Find more on them here. Today, they run us through their favourite Polish record label…

There isn’t a great precedent for Polish music in the UK, so when I tell my friends how amazing and exciting their music scene is I’m regularly met with a high level of scepticism.

Admittedly, the industry is in a very confused state but the wealth of great musicians and internationally conscious talent is immediately evident upon first listen, and one of the main curators of my new found love for Polish music is a small record label called NEXTPOP.

[Bokka – ‘Reason’]

Over cake and coffee in their exquisite townhouse-turned-office, we got to know the small team and learned how they first and foremost love music! They also stray from normal processes and industry models and have a very open and artist-friendly way of working.

[Kari – ‘The Winter Is Back’]

Having signed and released only three artists in their three year lifetime they have cultivated a reputation of considered business acumen married with artistic appreciation and integrity, and are actively pushing the creative development of their artists instead of stifling it.

[Fismoll – ‘Let’s Play Birds’]

The artists signed to NEXTPOP are all very different and their releases have been without compromise exceeding bodies of work so sit back and enjoy…

By Danny Kier

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