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Clara Hill – Lost Winter


A stunning song and video from Clara Hill, who returns from the Berlin wilderness after a four year absence. The video for ‘Lost Winter’ heralds the release of a new album, Walk The Distance, and as fanfare goes it doesn’t get much better than this. Not that there’s any actual fanfare on the track of course; brash triumphalism isn’t really Hill’s style. Instead you get something much, much better. The track kicks off with a peppy drum break that could’ve been lifted from an early Broadcast record, and the delicious organs and delicate melody are worthy of similar comparison.

The video deftly enhances an already beautiful song with some superb editing. On the face of it, watching ice melt sounds only mildly more diverting than watching paint dry, but the cuts, close-ups, speed shifts and lighting manage to make it look fascinating, not least when several cubes form a playful, red-threaded conga line, before slowly melting away. After being frozen out of our lives for way too long, Hill proves it’s the thaw that counts…

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