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Trentemøller – Candy Tongue


This video should probably be deemed NSFW, featuring, as it does, watery shots of naked men and women morphing into each other. However, Anders Trentemøller‘s latest is a long way from Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’, or the similarly uncomfortable but somehow-OK-‘cos-they’re-an-indie-band titfest that is ‘Lover’s Cave’ by Is Topical. Indeed, it’s a relief to see nudity in a music video that for once isn’t crass or exploitative; if it was a ‘Blurred Lines’ parody, the hashtag would be #ARTY. The rippling bodies soon leak into shots of ink suspended in water. Not an especially original image, but the way the liquid is digitally manipulated to show it spurting and then suddenly stopping is superbly done.

The song itself is, if anything, even better than the video. The plinky keyboard riff, subtly nudged slightly out of tune, is reminiscent of old Broadcast singles, although guest vocalist Marie Fisker is more Beth Gibbons than Trish Keenan. The subtle warping of the music is mimicked by the distorting waviness of the video to produce a hypnotic, atmospheric whole. If the rest of Trentemøller’s forthcoming third album Lost is of similar quality then we’re in for a treat when it drops on 24th September…

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