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Spectral Park – Nausea


Spectral Park‘s self-titled début album was apparently created after Luke Donovan found a box of random records on a Southampton street and merged cuts from them into his own off-kilter compositions. It makes sense then that this video, accompanying album highlight ‘Nausea’, is spliced together from a bizarre range of found footage. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of vintage technicolour psychedelia on offer (as well as a bloke vomiting over himself), but the real highlight comes towards the end when the guitar-playing bears appear. Honestly. The fact they’re surrounded by dancers in Inuit costumes is just a bonus.

The ending is amusingly abrupt, while Donovan spends most of his time complaining: “We’ve done this all wrong, we talked for too long, betrothed ourselves to eager bad advice”. Well, if this is the result of bad advice, he should probably keep taking it.

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