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The Monitors Podcast #20

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So it’s time to step up to the plate, take a long look at the podcast format, chew it up and spit it out (‘cos it tastes disgusting!). The Monitors Public Podcast has gone through puberty and come out the other side looking rather unwell. Bring in Neon, the award winning podcaster, and give him the daunting task of making the shit that Kier, AmaR and Dan chat into a listenable thingumajiggy. Just because people have a face for radio, doesnt mean they should be on it!

This is Neon’s first attempt at producing our podcast, and boy it’s heading in the right direction: his super skills and sexy voice (and earlobes) bring magic to the Monitors, taking the ‘od’ from ‘podcast’ and putting the ‘rad’ into radio! Some brilliant tunes as well – is this the bestest Monitors podcast yet?

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The-Monitors Podcast #19 - Guerilla Science Special

The-Monitors Podcast #19 - Guerilla Science Special
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