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Thirty Seconds To Mars, a band known for precisely nothing over than managing to survive and grow like bad acne despite merely being a vanity vehicle for actor Jared Leto, have set up a special competition for their teenie fans…

Concert tickets not good enough? A meet and greet not good enough? Feck it, come round their house. Hey, one of you will be lucky enough to spend the night in their bed.

No. Seriously.

The competition form on their site reads:

“Pre-order your copy of LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS for a chance to be one of 5 WINNERS who will receive an exclusive invitation to THE LAB for a magical night we are calling… THE SLEEPOVER! … Still want more? … 1 OF THE 5 WINNERS will spend the night at Jareds house IN Jared’s very own BED.”

Although innocently promising a night of vegan pancakes and chicken (which seems like an obtuse combination) it’s a bit weird to invite “ANYONE” to be able to win a night literally in the bed of a band member they already adore…

Call me sensitive, but asking someone to buy your record so they can, maybe, spend the night in your illustrious presence, and perhaps even underneath your sheets is very, very odd. It’s almost like you’re pimping yourself out because, if your music ain’t good enough, why not just sell yourself?

Not to accuse the band of something they haven’t done, or would do (though you’re thinking it), it is hard to imagine who went: “Actually, yeah, my fans would love nothing more than to spend a night in my company”. Who’d want to spend a night with someone with that kind of mentality?

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