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Kim Dotcom Speaks at SXSW

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Or, as Gizmodo point out, maybe it’s Zordon?

The troubled Megaupload behemoth dismissed Hollywood as “outdated” and promised he would never be jailed in the States, where he’s wanted for piracy and money laundering.

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The NRA's Favourite Ad Agency

The NRA's Favourite Ad Agency
You'd think, that with the gun control debate in the USA probably more polarised than it's ever been, the NRA wouldn't bother trying to win any new converts and concentrate instead on trying to motivate its own support block. Perhaps that is what it's doing with ads like the one above. Either way, it only took a week for the organisation to start putting out adverts after the Sandy Hook shooting - attacking Obama, blaming video games and, somewhat bizarrely, pitching to the trigger-happy female by celebrating the country's "27 million armed and fabulous" women. The ads were created by the agency Ackerman McQueen, who, it turns out, have several employees working from the NRA's offices. This perhaps explains the bloody-minded zeal of their recent campaigns, which AdAge take a look at here...
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EP Address: Datassette, Sudan Archives, Mighty Lord Deathman and more…

We look back at some of the best EPs released over the summer, including debuts by Sudan Archives and Mighty Lord Deathman…

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