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Let “fake Japanese” nutter P-ta and his cohorts Colden Drystone and Dove Kokojin take you on a typically madcap bike ride through London, ending up in what looks like Elephant & Castle shopping centre (and making a few cops say “ow” along the way).

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AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love

AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love
To be honest, going to galleries can get a bit dull. Unless the art is particularly interesting, which it rarely is, you usually just have a load of people wondering how long they have to keep staring at a misshapen sculpture before it's acceptable to leave. Luckily, going to a gallery with London pop duo AlunaGeorge appears to be a whole lot more exciting - people don't even bother looking at the art, they just do the robot and dance around. Plus, the misshapen sculpture featured here (Arran Gregory's "Wolf") is actually pretty badass. The video features a bunch of the best dancers in the UK b-boy scene, and of course, another smooth track from the pair themselves...
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Interview: Pissed Jeans’ Matt Korvette is anything but ‘Shallow’…

Able to tackle any subject with a mixture of humour and mayhem, we talk to Pissed Jeans’ frontman Matt Korvette about mobile technology and the Male Gaze…

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