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WhoMadeWho – Brighter

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A disco-infused alt pop album. Doesn’t sound like something which really fits in with the current zeitgeist, gone are the days when a new Rapture release would be the biggest thing ever. We’re in a world where The Black Keys are famous; the idea that a downright fun, funky album sounding o-k doesn’t sound right in the early days of 2012. Somehow though, WhoMadeWho, the Danish three piece with a religious European following, have made an album which not only sounds pretty fresh, more interesting than a blasé first listen might suggest, but also is actually just pretty enjoyable. Heaven forbid.

The record is half melancholic, drowsy electronica, ‘Running Man’ and ‘Fireman’ especially lean towards the driving mellow techno which Kompakt as a label has been leaning towards quite heavily to in recent times. And then, of course, there’s the driving dance, ready for the floor, tunes of ‘Inside World’, ‘The Sun’ and ‘Never Had The Time’. Big, euphoric, and have no guilt whatsoever in their ability to create an undeniable groove.

It’s the final track, ‘Below The Cherry Moon’, a six minute epic, which is the highlight of the album. Combining the schizophrenic sides of the band with a hint of experimentation and a growling crescendo of synths and harmonies. And that’s that, an early highlight of the 2012 is essentially a dance pop album. Who’d have thought it.

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