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Django Django – Django Django

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Combining deep 60s psychedelic grooves with the minimal looping work recently found within work by the likes of Walls and Caribou, Django Django come along and add a hint of spice to the sound. The glazed expression of the music perfectly fits the Beta Band electronic feel their going for; from the Beach Boys influenced ‘Life’s A Beach’ and ‘Silver Rays’, to the more out-there moments of ‘Wor’.

Scotland seems to be going through a bit of an indie band renaissance at the moment, from the children of Biffy such as We Were Promised Jetpacks, and now the next generation of stoned up alternative artists seem to have a band to turn to as well. This self titled debut deffinitely delivers an exciting promise. There’s numerous routes to take from this ecletic mix of genre hopping, what happens next will be very exciting indeed.

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Ziggy Kinder - Barboom
Plenty of new bands around in 2012. That NME cover prophecy from this time last year (just the wrong bands to attach it to, sadly) is becoming true... kind of. Anyway, there's plenty of decent music from otuside the world of UK guitar bands to enjoy. And I haven't featured any minimal house in a while. So here goes... As the cover art, depicting a red lighted bar with lots of single people drinking bottled beer eludes to, this is one to either start the night, or to end it. Heavily panned light synth effects rainbow their way from one ear to another, while the deep, dark basslines boom throughout. Released on the new Ware records, the fifteen year old Cologne based techno/house label, and their concentration on amazing production values hasn't dimmed. Throughout this album drum skitter, crack and vocal samples are cut up and broken out in wild spasms. One for the nodding heads then, but deffinitely a must have release for those of you who are scared by all these wooden things with trings attached, or for times when they're justa bit too loud.
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