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Ziggy Kinder – Barboom

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Plenty of new bands around in 2012. That NME cover prophecy from this time last year (just the wrong bands to attach it to, sadly) is becoming true… kind of. Anyway, there’s plenty of decent music from otuside the world of UK guitar bands to enjoy. And I haven’t featured any minimal house in a while. So here goes…

As the cover art, depicting a red lighted bar with lots of single people drinking bottled beer eludes to, this is one to either start the night, or to end it. Heavily panned light synth effects rainbow their way from one ear to another, while the deep, dark basslines boom throughout.

Released on the new Ware records, the fifteen year old Cologne based techno/house label, and their concentration on amazing production values hasn’t dimmed. Throughout this album drum skitter, crack and vocal samples are cut up and broken out in wild spasms.

One for the nodding heads then, but deffinitely a must have release for those of you who are scared by all these wooden things with trings attached, or for times when they’re justa bit too loud.

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The Internet - Purple Naked Women
A side project, already? Well, Odd Future were always a bit of a chop and change clan. My main question is, just what are they trying to achieve? This time round, they're hitting the R'n'B market. Or, more precisely, Syd – the only female member of the group – is. Opening track 'Violet Nude Women' is an instrumental track taking a cue from the Nu Jazz school of production. “While Syd is tellin' me that she's been gettin' intimate with men/Syd, shut the fuck up/here's the number to my therapist” (Yonkers, Tyler the Creator), this is not. In fact, even 'C*nt' is so unoffensive it the childish humor of the title seems as offensive as the word itself. Just because a women's saying it, doesn't make it a good reason to be so uncreative with lyrics or titles – it's not forward thinking feminism, it's dull. There's a lot of movements into pop, soulful female vocals over bouncy basslines and hip hop drum loops. It's almost as if they wrote a song for the reunion of Destiny's Child, only to be turned away and told by their label to get on with it and do a whole album. It takes until track six, 'Cocaine', for the traditional deep sounding males MC vocals to make an appearance. And as the track suggests, it's about cocaine. As an album full of tracks useful for DJs needing some light dub, most of this album works quite nicely. As a creation by a member of what was sold to us as the future of hip hop, it's a little disappointing.
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