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Ayshay – Warn-U

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Tri Angle are not a label sitting around on their arse, their stream of releases this year isn’t just impressive because of their regularity, but also because of their quality. Balam Acab we covered a couple of weeks ago here, but this week they’ve released this four track oddity upon the world: Ashay’s Warn-U EP.

The first three tracks act as traditional pieces, varying between 3 to 5 minute, dark, soundtrack like pieces of experimentation. If they were sound tracking the Blair Witch project on acid, that is.

The didgeridoo sounding vocal effect gets a little grating sometimes, while the free form nature of the tracks may also sound dragging at times, it’s the forth, 12 minute, ‘megamix’ track where the talents of Ashay really come to life. Incorporating more tribal percussive elements and richer samples and effects, the more structured, beat driven arrangement has more than one tint of Aphex Twin about it, replacing the glitches for Aboriginal vocal samples.

Another interesting release from the label that keeps on giving, delivering an album that any open minded electronica fan should definitely invest in.

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